Learan Farm

Art & Photography

Learan Farm An art lover and photographer’s paradise. The tranquility of the area makes it a natural magnet for artists and photographers who enjoy the seclusion of the surrounding countryside.

Nearby Aberfeldy Gallery, a ‘must visit’, was established in 1982 to promote the paintings and craft works of local artists. Under the management of Roger and Merril Sylvester the gallery developed quickly, displaying work by established artists across Scotland

In 1998 the business was taken over by Steven and Judy Proudfoot. Steven had been exhibiting in the gallery for many years. The gallery has continued to develop and is now open all year around.

The work on display has become more contemporary to reflect the interest of the owners and the art buying public and a regular programme of exhibitions focuses on selected themes or individual artists. 2003 saw the opening of a major extension.

For further details contact Steven Proudfoot at steven@aberfeldygallery.co.uk